Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Life Quotes. Women in Football

The Life Quotes. Women in Football

Soccer Quotes

Women are much more prominent in football nowadays. t may just be the opinions of the WAG's or many of the the leading ladies who play soccer as the women's game is steadily rising in popularity. Many football clubs also have women directors helping to run the clubs.
In life there is always plenty to be said about women, and women also have plenty to say.So here are some of my favourite quotes involving the ladies and football.

The real reason I'm back?The wife just wants me out of the house. Kenny Dalglish, on returning to management with Blackburn.
Most Dangerous Opponent? My ex-wife. Frank Worthington, answer to magazine questionnaire.
It's a bloody stupid colour, I think one of the directors ' wives must have chosen it. David Pleat , on Luton's "unlucky" tangerine kit 1992.

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