Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Olympics Quotes

2012 Olympics

London is the next city to stage theOlympics in 2012, it has also staged the Olympics previously in1948 and 1908.

It is a great honour for a city to host the Olympic games, but it isn't always plain sailing. Here are some of my favourite quotes for the Olympics and the cities.

The Olympics Quotes

When we stage the Olympics (London) it will inspire kids all over the country. A kid in Scotland or Ireland will be encouraged to take up sport.Daley Thompson.

Olympism is not a system - it is a state of mind. This state of mind has emerged from a double cult: that of effort and that of Eurythmy - a taste of excess and a taste of measure combined. Pierre de Coubertin.

The world awaits Beijing's hosting of the 2008 Olympics, an occasion which will bring into the global spotlight the dramatic advances China is making in enhancing the quality of life for its people. Alexander Haig.

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Best Life Quotes-Mark Twain Quotes

Mark Twain had many great words of wisdom on a whole variety of subjects .Many Mark Twain quotes have become the most quoted quotes.

Twain was a very cosmopolitan gentleman, a great writer,  philosopher, poet,and a true genius.Mark Twain's thoughts still have a great relevance to us all today.

Mark Twain Quotes
It has always been a peculiarity of the human race that it keeps two sets of morals in stock-the private and the real, and the public and the artificial.

Everybody's private motto: It's better to be popular than right.

In fact, the more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.

To promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing.
Never refuse to do a kindness unless the act would work great injury to yourself, and never refuse to take a drink-- under any circumstances.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Top Ten Lance Armstrong Quotes

Lance Armstrong is the prolific seven times winner of the Tour de France and regarded by many peoples the greatest cyclist of the modern era.
As well as being a successful athlete the record-breaking Lance Armstrong has also made a full recovery from cancer.Read the best Lance Armstrong Quotes.
  1. Anything is possible. You can be told that you have a 90-percent chance or a 50-percent chance or a 1-percent chance, but you have to believe, you have to fight.
  2. No one automatically gives you respect just because you show up. You have to earn it.
  3. Hard work, sacrifice and focus will never show up in tests.
  4. I hate losing at anything, whether it be cards, golf or whatever.
  5. When you can’t remember something, there’s a reason why. I’ve blocked out much of what I thought and felt the morning of my brain surgery.
  6. In my first big international race, I did everything my coach told me not to do.
  7. There had been two journeys really: the journey to get to the tour, and then the journey of the tour itself.
  8. I want to die at a hundred years old with an American flag on my back and the star of Texas on my helmet, after screaming down an Alpine descent on a bicycle at 75 miles per hour.
  9.  At the end of the day, it's me versus the other guys. That's what keeps me going.
  10. To be afraid is a priceless education.

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